Brenda Maiolo

In Spelling this week we will be working on Trick Words. They are words that need to be memorized because they do not follow the rules of spelling. In Math, we are beginning Chapter 4-Using Bar Models: Addition and Subtraction. It is comparing sets using bar models which helps children to see clearly whether to add or subtract to solve a given problem, incorporating the part-part whole concept as well as the concepts of more than and fewer then. We are working on symbols in Social Studies...such as a stop sign or handicap access ...symbols we see daily but also national symbols like the White House or Bald Eagle. ****Please remember we are a classroom with many allergies! When sending in treats to share for a birthday or other occasion please make sure to send in the ingredient's, either off the box prepared from or the store label. If it is a birthday treat please email me that you will be sending in food and the date so I can let the parents of the kids with allergies know to send in a treat they can have (if they can't have the one sent in)******