Computer Lab


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Ms. Smith,  Computer Lab

Kinry Road, room 211          845-463-7322 x 15108

Vassar Road, room 10                  

845-463-7860 x 19111

Oak Grove, room 29             845-298-5280 x 17009 


I have been at Vassar Road School for nineteen years in the Computer Lab and this is my fourth year working in the Computer Lab at Kinry Road School.  This year I am also working at Oak Grove School.  I've come full-circle.  I started in the Wappingers School District at Oak Grove before moving to Brinkerhoff School where I worked in a self-contained Special Education class for 11 years.   You can find me at Kinry Road on Day 1, and 4, Vassar Road on Day 2, and 5 and at Oak Grove on Day 3, and 6.


Mission For The Class                                                                       

Mission - to be successful while learning and discovering computer skills.  The lab provides an educational and fun atmosphere to begin the technology experience.