Mr. Anthony Giovinazzi, Assistant Principal

Asset Development Program

The Asset Development Program is being piloted through the 9th Grade Academy this year, with the support of our School Leadership Team (SLT). Student commitment to learning and constructive use of time are two elements we would like to emphasize and encourage to pave the way for more opportunities during their high school years at RCK and beyond. The program at RCK has identified five developmental assets that teachers will be monitoring throughout the third and fourth quarter.

The following five Assets are being evaluated during this time period:

  • Student engagement/preparedness to class - student is actively engaged in learning; is prepared physically for class with appropriate materials, participates in class work, arrives on time.
  • Homework - Student reports doing at least one hour of homework every day.
  • Reading for Pleasure - Student reports reading for pleasure at least three hours a week.
  • Constructive Use of Time/Creative Activities - Student spends three or more hours a week in the practice of music, theatre or other arts.
  • Youth Programs - Student spends three or more hours a week in sports, clubs, or organizations at school or in the community.

The teams will be sending letters home to parents, in February, to provide more information regarding the program.

Last Modified on June 16, 2010