Masque & Mime Society





Year Of Graduation _____________Cell phone:___________________


What awards have you already received from Masque and Mime????.

 Pin? _____ JV letter? _____  Varsity letter?______

 What should you get this year?  __________


EVERYONE: Please ACCURATELY and FULLY INDICATE in what capacity you were involved in each show listed below: E.G.—I worked on Costume crew, and then did House or was a lead or in ensemble, or pit. Be specific!

TWELVE ANGRY JURORS_______________________________________________




LARAMIE PROJECT: 10 YEARS LATER____________________________________




TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD______________________________________________


LEGALLY BLONDE_____________________________________________________


SONGS FOR A NEW WORLD______________________________________________


GLEICHENHAUS ALUMNI CHORAL CONCERT#2 ___________________________


ROMEO AND JULIET__________________________________________________


SHREK THE MUSICAL_____________________________________________________________


CLUE, THE PLAY______________________________________________________


THE ADDAMS FAMILY MUSICAL________________________________________


50TH ANNIVERSARY____________________________________________________

What other M&M Special Events—like Flea  Market, Banquet Committee, NYSTEA Conferences, Grinnell Library, NYC trips, etc. were you involved in????. Be specific.







FRESHMEN, SOPHOMORES, JUNIORS: Are you hoping to attend NYSTEA Student Conference in January? Only 25 people are allowed per school. You must tell us here to begin your application process. We have to make arrangements with the District in July to go. You must have been actively involved with Masque and Mime for at least a year to qualify. The fee is usually $320 per person.  We will be giving out 2 scholarships as well. You can do your own fundraising.



Are you an ITS  member?? [International Thespian Society]   ________

 If not,, do you wish to join ITS NOW? Fee: $24.00_______. You will be inducted at the Banquet on May 30, 2015.



SENIORS ONLY: Do you wish to apply for a M&M Scholarship?_____[YES]_____[NO] Name:_______________________.

You must have been involved with Masque and Mime for at least 3 years to qualify.



****Will your parents or alumni be attending the banquet for dessert? If so, how many?___________


Program Ad Form-full year - Purchase Ad space to be seen in our play bills for both Fall and Spring Productions!
Half Year Ad Form- Purchase space for ad in the program for either fall or spring.
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