John Jay High School


Empower. Challenge. Grow.

Mr. Paul Albanese
Assistant Principal

Phone: (845) 897-6700 x30082
Office Location: Room 104 (First Floor by Cafeteria & Gymnasium)
Grade Responsibility: 12

Administrative Assistant:
Mrs. Mary Ellen Kurzius
(845) 897-6700 x30082


Class of 2017!

As I write this, we are days from the end of the second marking period, which means you are just weeks from graduating. There is much work to be done between now and the end of your time here at Jay. For those of you who have been performing well, keep it up. For those of you have been struggling, NOW IS THE TIME to identify areas that need improvement and solutions to rectify them so that you may be successful and ultimately graduate.  

There are many people ready to assist you as you near the end of this part of your journey. They include, but are not limited to, your parents/guardians (your first teachers), Teachers, Counselors, Support Staff Members, JJHS Administrative Team, your peers and many more! While there will be many people to assist you, you have to be the first person to help yourself. You will be doing the bulk of the hard work that will get a diploma in your hands. The sense of accomplishment as you receive your diploma is absolutely wonderful and I can’t wait to be there to witness that moment.

If there’s anything you need, please never hesitate to come to my office.

Mr. Albanese