John Jay High School


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John Jay High School is one of the high schools in the Wappingers Central School District.  General athletic policies and information can be found on the district web page.  Click here for a direct link. 
Please visit individual team pages for John Jay Sports by choosing them directly from the menu at the top of this page (in blue). 
Additional Reminders... 
   To participate in athletics/clubs/activities, students must:
          Meet the conditions of full time student status
          Maintain an overall average of 70 % with no more than 1 failure
          Not fail 2 or more courses in a particular marking period*
          Not be a 5th year senior
   If you are deemed ineligible, you must stop participating immediately.
   If you wish to apply for an appeal, or have questions about academic eligibility, go to room 221.
*Eligibility for fall activities or programs is determined by the 4th quarter grades of the previous year, not the final average. Does not apply to incoming freshmen.