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PBIS Rewards


Dear Parents and Guardians:

Vassar Road kicked off its PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Systems) where students are applauded for being respectful, responsible and safe. Staff members modeled positive behavior for the students in the following areas: bus, cafe, hallway, recess, and bathroom.

Students will receive points if they show positive behavior by the staff members. Staff members log onto a PBIS website and assigns points throughout the day. On Fridays, students will be given one ticket (equalled to 5 points earned) with their name on it. The student will have the option to put their ticket in a raffle for a prize. The drawings are held on Fridays only and the students will need to be responsible for their own tickets. Lost tickets will not be replaced.

The students also have the option not to enter the raffle if they do not like the prizes for that week. Prizes will vary from week to week.

Rick Dominick